Extra rear lights for Mi scooters

Xiaomi electric scooters are truly incredible. Well, almost incredible.
Insufficiency of preinstalled tail light is among their little slips.

rLight is called to fix this issue!

Mi-style design

Ultra bright



Sensor control

Fast mount

100% handmade

Some more info

rLight is created for those who care about safety, style and comfort. A set of 2 rear lights, rLight is aimed at replacing Mi electric scooter’s rear wheel decorative plastic covers, staying in line with scooter's design and granting easy & reliable installation. The width of rLight corresponds the width of scooter’s deck, minimizing the possibility of contact with rider’s feet and, thus, accidental breakage. Another design feature is that rLight leaves enough space for installing external rear fender support that is especially essential for the owners of first-generation scooters i.e., Xiaomi m365 and Pro that lack preinstalled fender support. At the same time tiny case fits a large rechargeable battery that grants great autonomy and powers ultra-bright LEDs, making rLight at least 4 times brighter, than preinstalled tail light. Sure thing, rLight is waterproof - it easily handles heavy rain, deep puddles and wet cleaning. You are welcome to visit Light Side blog to learn more tips & tricks on rLight.  

    rLight specs

  • Rechargeable battery 2000 mAh
  • Run-time 60+ hrs
  • Charge time around 4 hrs
  • MicroUSB friendly
  • Ultra bright: visibility range 200+ m
  • Capacitive touch sensor control
  • Highly waterproof
  • Installation time ≈ 5 mins
  • Available in black & white
  • For m365, Pro, 1S, Essential, Pro 2, Mi 3

rLight in action




rLight gallery


rLight in black (Out of Stock! On request only!)

So far available only on request basis, assembly takes up to 3 days. The package includes 1 set of rLight, 4 pcs. M3x25mm bolts & 2 pcs. M3x12mm bolts. rLight manual & installation guide.
Free shipping


rLight in white (Limited Stock!)

The package includes 1 set of rLight, 4 pcs. M3x25mm bolts & 2 pcs. M3x12mm bolts. rLight manual & installation guide.
Free shipping


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