Clearance Rear Lights  
for Xiaomi Scooters

“Old school” Xiaomi scooters still rock, but the need for a lighting upgrade is obvious

cLight has got your back to stay on fleek!

Meet cLight

Xiaomi keeps rolling out new scooters almost every six months, while also halting production of older models, signaling a shift towards 4th generation scooters. However, the older models still hold appeal for riders due to their dedicated fanbase. These enthusiasts have crafted numerous firmware and hardware upgrades for the "old school" scooters, giving them an edge that the newer ones may never match. Yet, both old and new Xiaomi scooters share a common flaw – insufficient lighting.

At Light Side, we're all about honoring the classics while staying ahead of the curve. That's why we're introducing cLight, a rear lights kit tailored for 1st to 3rd generation Xiaomi Electric Scooters: Pro 2, Pro, Essential, 1S, m365, 3 & 3 lite. Serving as marker lights, cLight ensures you're visible from the sides during nighttime rides, while also doubling as an extra tail light to enhance rear visibility. This is particularly crucial for m365 & Pro scooter owners, as the first-gen scooters are notorious for their dim rear lights. cLight boasts nearly 200 ultra-bright COB LEDs, a sizable rechargeable battery, easy installation, and complete waterproofing.

    cLight specs

  • Rechargeable battery 2000 mAh
  • Run-time 3+ days
  • Charge time around 4 hrs
  • USB type C charging port
  • Ultra-bright COB LEDs
  • Waterproof
  • Installation time ≈ 5-10 mins

cLight in action

cLight series overview

cLight is scheduled for release in July 2024

But you are welcome to pre-order yours today, contributing to the production of this lighting accessory, and benefiting from an exclusive 15% discount.



Clearance rear lights for Xiaomi Electric Scooters Pro 2, Pro, Essential, 1S, m365, 3, 3 lite.
The package includes 1 set cLight, 3M cable holders & USB C charging cable.
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cLight model range

cLight Ultra
For Xiaomi Scooter 4 Ultra
cLight 4 Pro 
For Xiaomi Scooter 4 Pro
cLight MAX
For Ninebot MAX G30

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