Neon lights for Mi scooters

Want to stand out of crowd? Dreaming of something truly unique for your Xiaomi scooter?

nLight is what you are looking for!

Meet nLight

nLight is a unique addition to enhance your night rides: neon lights available in a wide range of colors, meticulously placed along both the rims and deck of your scooter. This lighting accessory is powered by an external battery of high capacity and is fully waterproof for added durability.

At Light Side we care about the quality of our production, that's why we spent a lot of time on testing every lightning accessory before bringing it to market. This is the reason nLight hasn't been released so far - we want to deliver to you not only unique lighting accessory, but also a reliable one.

By the way you are welcome to send us a request informing about your interest in nLight (please make sure to mention your scooter model). By doing so you can be sure that you will be among the first to get it when nLight is available for sale.

nLight in action

nLight overview

nLight gallery

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