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Have a question over Light Side projects? You are in the right place to get the answer in the quickest way.  Here we collected frequently asked questions over our lightning accessories, their specs, comparability with various e-scooters, delivery options, and so on.  

Haven't found your question or the answer was not complete? Contact us and we will surely reply asap. Moreover, contacting us for this purpose you will contribute to the development of our FAQ  - the more questions we get, the more extensive and helpful is this section of our website.

Yeap, they are. Creating our lighting accessories we tried our best to style them in line with Xiaomi & Segway Ninebot scooters' design, as we believe people choose these scooters not least for this feature. But if you have your own vision of the must be style (color, logo/sign/text, special decoration etc.) we will be glad to help you with your idea implementation. Just send us a message via request form, mentioning the product you'd like to customize, your scooter's model and precisely explaining what exactly you'd like the product to look like. You are welcome to share sketches, photos, videos or any anything else that can convey your idea. To do so upload the file/s on Wetransfer or any other cloud storage platform and include download link in your message.

We continuously expand our product range and supported scooter models. You are welcome to check our Scooter Compatibility list to make sure if your scooter is supported by a specific lighting accessory of our collection.

Unfortunately we don't have all the existing scooters in our disposal, so we are not sure if our lighting accessories fit those that differ from Xiaomi & Ninebot scooters. Our accessories can be compatible with Mi or Ninebot scooter clones or other scooters that have similar design in specific parts of their frame . Anyway, feel free to contact us via request form, explaining which accessory and for which scooter you are interested in and we will make our best to check if it fits or not. 

The short answer is yes since we love experimentingbut our readiness to take on the project depends on different factors. Complication and quantity of copies needed are the main of them. For instance if you need something for your personal use only and it's simple, we can support you. If your desired custom product is a complicated project we will hardly deal with it, but if the same product will be demanded also by your friends, community members, clientele etc., then why not. For instance lately we've successfully developed two projects that had not so much in common with our lighting accessories for Xiaomi & Ninebot scooters. One of them is turn indicators for KQi3 scooter and the other one is again turn signals for Urban Arrow Family e-bike. So the best way to know the answer is to contact us and to share the details. Request form is at your disposal.


If your lighting accessory is broken, please contact us with pictures or videos and a detailed explanation of what happened. We'll do our best to assist you with the repair remotely. If remote repair isn't possible, you can send the broken accessory back to us for repair. The repair cost depends on the damage; in some cases, repairs can be done for free, but you will need to cover the postage fee. 

Returns / Refunds

If the delivered lighting accessory doesn't match the description or is malfunctioning, please contact us with pictures, videos, or a detailed description of the issue. If your complaint is confirmed, we will send you a new accessory or provide a refund, according to your preference. However, if the accessory matches the description and is not malfunctioning, or if the issue is due to a change of mind or damage caused by you, a refund will not be provided.

Order cancelations

If you placed your order by mistake or changed your mind, contact us as soon as possible to cancel it. Cancellation is only possible if the order has not yet been shipped. Once the order is shipped, cancellations are not accepted.

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