cLight MAX

Clearance Rear Lights  
for Ninebot MAX G30

Ninebot MAX G30 scooter deserves to be seen at night, and its rider to be safe

cLight MAX is the solution to achieve both!

Meet cLight MAX

The Ninebot MAX G30 has delighted us with several iterations before being succeeded by the Ninebot MAX G2. Each version brought its own set of changes, including adjustments in weight, range, power, and scooter design. However, when it comes to illumination, not much has changed – we still have just the headlight and tail light, nothing beyond that. So, if you glance at your scooter from the side in low light conditions, chances are you won't see much. The same goes for other road users who might encounter you during your nighttime rides, posing a direct risk of accidents. But hey, here's the good news – we've got you covered. Introducing cLight MAX, clearance rear lights tailor-made for the Ninebot MAX G30.

Mounted on the chassis next to the rear wheels, cLight MAX acts as marker lights, ensuring your visibility from the sides in the dark. Plus, with over 200 ultra-bright COB LEDs, cLight MAX also serves as an additional tail light, complementing your scooter's original taillight and alerting drivers of your presence on the road. With its high brightness, cLight MAX comes equipped with a large rechargeable battery and complete waterproofing. And let's not forget about its quick and hassle-free installation – you'll have it mounted in no more than 10 minutes. Say goodbye to unseen rides and hello to enhanced safety with cLight MAX.

    cLight MAX specs

  • Rechargeable battery 2000 mAh
  • Run-time 3+ days
  • Charge time around 4 hrs
  • USB type C charging port
  • Ultra-bright COB LEDs
  • Waterproof
  • Installation time ≈ 5-10 mins

cLight MAX in action

cLight series overview

cLight MAX is scheduled for release in July 2024

But you are welcome to pre-order yours today, contributing to the production of this lighting accessory, and benefiting from an exclusive 15% discount.


cLight MAX

Clearance rear lights for Ninebot MAX G30.
The package includes 1 set cLight MAX, 4 pcs. M3x8mm bolts, 3M cable holders & USB C charging cable.
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cLight model range

cLight Ultra
For Xiaomi Scooter 4 Ultra
cLight 4 Pro
For Xiaomi Scooter 4 Pro
For Xiaomi Pro 2, Pro, 1s, m365, 3 etc.

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