Tail Light Extention 
for Xiaomi Scooters

 Looking for an easy yet effective way to increase
the visibility of your Xiaomi Scooter at night?  

eLight was designed to meet these requirements

Meet eLight

eLight is a tail light extension for Xiaomi Scooter’s that works synchronously with scooter's stop light and called to increase your visibility during the night rides. The main feature of this lighting accessory is its power supply & control methods. eLight doesn't have its own battery since it gets the power from the scooter, yet you have no need to open scooter's battery compartment to connect these extra lights. Everything is much simplier - eLlight gets directly connected to scooter's stop light via waterproof connector! That means you will not meet any warranty issues with the scooter's manufacturer / retailer and will perform the installation within several minutes.

What's more, connection to scooter's tail light gives eLight a perfect opportunity to be controlled directly from scooter's power button and to have the same lightning modes as original tail light has (including the flashing while braking)!  

It worth mentioning that eLlight enjoys end-to-end waterproofness and brightly lights thanks to 60+ COB LEDs. It perfectly fits all 1-3 generation Xiaomi Scooter models. Among them are m365, Essential, 1S, 3, 3 lite, as well as Pro & Pro 2. So far 4 generation Xiaomi scooters (4, 4 lite, 4 go, 4 Pro, 4 Ultra) are not supported by eLight.

    eLight specs

  • Bright COB LEDs
  • Waterproof
  • Installation time 3-5 mins

eLight in action

eLight overview



Tail light extension for Xiaomi Scooters m365, Essential, 1S, 3, 3 lite, as well as for Xiaomi Scooters Pro & Pro 2.
The package includes 1 set of eLight, 4 pcs. M3x8mm bolts & 2 pcs.M3x10mm bolts. eLight Installation guide
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