Perfection is a dream, but dreams come true.  At Light Side we strongly believe in this and our mission is to get Xiaomi, Ninebot and why not the other electric scooters a step closer to the ideal, at least from illumination point of view.

The lighting accessories we offer are truly unique, reliable and helpful. Guess why? The simple answer is, we created them for ourselves, carefully tailoring in compliance with riders’ needs and following scooters' style, not to harm neither Xiaomi & Ninebot scooters' outstanding design nor their great ergonomics.


CEO, Design & Marketing

Rides Xiaomi Scooter 4 Pro

All the accessories we offer were developed by this guy.

Supplies guru

Rides Xiaomi Scooter m365

The volume of our production is shaped by this guy.


Rides...well, you better not to know

Dedication of this guy brings our crazy ideas to life.

We Cooperate

In the most perfect way

Whether you're retailer or manufacturer, join us! Together we will have even more chances to make e-scooting even more safer & stylish. We are looking forward to getting your cooperation requests at

Communities rule! So they surely can count on discounts & special offers from our side. In return we will ask just for feedback over our accessories aiming to improve them. Other cooperation options are also welcome. 

Have a great idea, but can't develop it due to lack of knowledge, experience, suppliers, manufacturing facility and so on? We also went through all this and ready at least to share the experience or even take part in implementing the project.


We are dreamers; thus, we don’t have lack of new ideas. At the moment we work on rechargeable powerful headlights styled in line with Xiaomi scooters’ design, plan the upgrade of iDeck, just a step away of finalizing iWheel, the project aimed to add TRON like illumination to scooter’s front and rear wheels. We continuously share the details, renders and prototypes of upcoming and under-development projects in our social media, so you are welcome to follow us in Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Tiktok to be aware of the latest news. Sure thing you are also welcome to share with us your ideas over the lighting options you miss on your Xiaomi or Ninebot scooters. There is a chance our next project will be based on your idea and, why not, developed in cooperation with you.



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