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Wheels-deck illumination for Xiaomi scooters

Have you ever considered enhancing the lighting of your e-scooter with wheel based LED lights? Well, we have!   

tLight / tLight Pro / tLight 4 Pro
Turn signal lights for Xiaomi scooters

Riding on the roadway is not the best idea. But if you do so, do it right way. Equip your Xiaomi scooter with turn indicators & may the Force be with you.

tLight Ultra
Turn signal lights for Xiaomi 4 Ultra

Aimed at buying Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra? Well done, since it's almost a masterpiece. Yes, it's missing turn indicators, but we took care of this.

tLight MAX
Turn signal lights for Ninebot MAX G30

Ninebot MAX G30 is a powerful scooter & it almost begs for a ride down the road. All you need to comply with this are turn indicators. And here they are.

tLight MAX 2
Indicators & rear lights for Ninebot MAX G30

An upgraded ultra-bright direction indicators & extra rear lights kit tailored exclusively for the Ninebot KikckScooter MAX G30.

Extra rear lights for Xiaomi scooters

Being more visible is not only about style, first of all it’s your safety. rLight is 4X  brighter than original tail light. Draw your own conclusions.

Neon lights for Xiaomi scooters

The time has come for... neonization! nLight is called to add some special & unique feature to Xiaomi scooters - wheel based neon lights.

Deck LED lights for Xiaomi & Ninebot scooters

dLight is called to enhance your scooter's visibility and add a touch of style to your nighttime rides.

Tail light extension for Xiaomi scooters

Called to increase your visibility during the night rides, eLight is a tail light extension for Xiaomi Scooters that works synchronously with scooter's stop light.

Illuminated deck for Xiaomi scooters

Riding Xiaomi Scooter is a joy…if you manage to fit your feet on its narrow deck, right? Then you possibly need a wider deck. And if so, why not to have LED lights as a bonus?!

cLight Ultra
Clearance rear lights for Xiaomi 4 Ultra

 Are you a fan of night time rides? Then your Xiaomi Scooter 4 Ultra definitely needs more illumination!

cLight 4 Pro
Clearance rear lights for Xiaomi 4 Pro

Time to add some more red colors to your Xiaomi Scooter 4 Pro, and it's more about safety than style.

Clearance rear lights for Xiaomi Scooters

“Old school” Xiaomi scooters still rock, but the need for a lighting upgrade is obvious. cLight’s got your back to stay on fleek.

cLight MAX
Clearance rear lights for Ninebot MAX G30

Ninebot MAX G30 scooter deserves to be seen at night, and its rider to be safe. cLight MAX is the solution to achieve both!


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We are a team of enthusiasts who fell in love with micromobility and, inter alia, with electric scooters. And just like you we experienced insufficiency of preinstalled light equipment as well as the lack of third party accessories, dedicated to our "iron steed". So we've decided to fill the gap... and still doing this. Once started, we just can't stop. Wanna know what's next in line?

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